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Frequently Asked Questions

This website ZamIndia.com is managed by Adheera Collections

Unlike many others, we procure products directly from wholesellers/factory and then click pictures and make videos (if any) ourselves. In this process the product is checked thoroughly for quality and any defects. And when everything seems fine then only the product is made available for your purchase on this website.

This extra effort is required to make sure that you get good quality product with zero defects. So you can purchase from us with confidence.

As of now we are shipping to all Indian addresses.

If you can recieve a parcel at your location then we should be able to ship to you. We have collaborated with many reliable shipping services, which cover most parts of the country. In case the shipping is not available to your location then we will let you know within 24 hours and your money will be refunded.

For order value of less than Rs. 500, you need to pay extra for shipping according to the product shipping cost. And for the order value of Rs.500 or more, the shipping is free.

We ship the product within 24 hours of receiving the order. Shipping time can vary depending on your location. But for most locations it will take around 4-6 days to deliver.

Yes, you can opt for Cash on Delivery (COD) payment at the time of checkout. To place a COD order, just select "Cash on Delivery" from drop down labeled "How do you want to pay?", on checkout screen. It is at the end of the form, above the button labeled "Place Order & Pay".

As for COD shipping the courier partner charge extra towards cash handling charge. It add up to the cost of the product for us. We will bear most of this cost for you, but just to encourage users to pay online, we have added a small fee of Rs.20 for COD. It will be added to your order value when you select COD payment.

You can save the products you like or want to review later, in your wishlist. On the product details page, you can find a link "+Add to wishlist" next to "Add to Cart" button. It is meant to help you shortlist the product for future review and purchase.

The products in wishlist reflect the updated pricing whenever you check it. So if ther is any increase or decrese in price of a product then you can see the current price of the product. This will help you check pricing and discount during sale period.

Please remember that adding a product to your wishlist does not gaurantee that you will be able to buy it later. It is only for your review purpose. In the meantime it will be aviallble for sale on site, and if its stock finishes then you will not be able to purchase it.

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Feel free to contact us or send email to cs@zamindia.com.